Week off.

After today (Friday 23 May 2014) we will be off for a whole week! I tried to put some glitter text in but it would not allow me. Have fun with your familys!

WORLD BOOK DAY!!!! by grace

Today (thursday 6th march) it is world book day.My favourite part of world book day is when we get to dress up as our favourite character from our favourite book e.g. sir  scallywag from sir scallywag and the golden underpants (a really funny book). My favourite book personnaly is the slightly annoying elephant a book written by David Walliams this was his first ever picture book.by grace c

I really enjoyed the book Mrs Haines read to year 4 today. It was called Sir Scallywag and The Golden underpants. My favourite book is Barney. Emily (& Mrs Boswarva).



Will people like this? B loftus

today Jake A , grace c , Lewis M and me had an idea to make an enormous presentation about planes and airports. WWII and WWI fighter planes and bombers and of corse modern ones. We are also doing passenger planes. we want it to be at least 30 slides!